Land Buyer/Seller

Land Real Estate Purchases

How can I buy land acreage?

Purchasing land in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas is another way to invest in real estate in a growing area. Land lots are available in all of South Central Kansas in pre-established neighborhoods where purchasers can build a home within a growing neighborhood. There are also opportunities to buy acreage plots of varying sizes for recreational use or to build a home outside of town.

What can you expect? High competition for land opportunities that present recreational opportunities, especially as you get closer to Wichita, where land becomes more expensive and desired. Additionally, if it is your goal to build a home on this property, there is mortgage offerings, but most require quite a bit of money down.

All this to say that there are lots of land opportunities in South Central Kansas, and I can help you with all of those.

Is the process different?

Technically, no. The process for purchasing land is practically the same general process as purchasing a pre-existing home. It requires an agreed upon contract between both parties. The main difference is the loan products that are offered for land purchases and the qualifications, but those are better discussed with a seasoned mortgage officer. Finally, land deals tend to be more competitive as they are less frequent.

How do land auctions work?

Land auctions can be a great opportunity for those who are looking to invest in acreage, but would like the opportunity to find a competitive deal as land auctions are determined by a bid system. I can help you set up an account so you’re eligible to bid and represent you at the auction if necessary.