Is it time for an upgrade?

Selling a current home

You’re adding a new family member? You’re newly empty-nesters? You’re moving out of the area? Whatever event warrants a move of location means that you’ve got a home that you’re now needing to sell. Making sure my clients get the most out of their investment AND a quick sale is my #1 goal for listing clients!

Check out my blog for resources on how to get your home listing ready then contact me once you’re ready to put on the market. I will provide a complete free home evaluation to help you determine what price you would like to list.

As offers come in, we will review them promptly to see which offer best supports your bottom line. Once an offer is accepted, it’s up to me to work with the buying agent to make the remainder of transaction as smooth as possible.

This isn’t your first rodeo

You’re no novice, you’ve purchased a home before or maybe several times before so you’re looking for a smooth, no BS transaction? You’ve come to the right place. I incorporate technology wherever I can to make completing paperwork as easy as clicking a button. Since you’re comfortable with the process and have experience to know which details of a home matter most to you, we can set up specific searches so you get notified the minute a home meeting your requirements hits the market.

Selling and buying at the same time can be overwhelming, I’m here to help ensure both transactions go from accepted offer to closing in an efficient manner.

What makes selling your home different with B Realty?

Looking for feedback on what you need to do to ensure a quick sale? I’m your girl. I will walk through your home with you to discuss recommendations to get your home listing ready. Additionally, I will pay for professional photography of your home so that your listing comes out looking like a right swipe on Tinder. Finally, I will use social media to boost the presence of your listing and create custom videos to create more engagement!

Ready to get your home on the market? Contact me today!