First-Time Homebuyer

So, you want to buy your first home?

How do I start?

While purchasing a home is probably going to be the largest investment you will ever make, it’s not as overwhelming as it feels. Why? Because you’ve got me as your tour guide through the entire transaction!

Unlike other Realtors, I will walk you through all the steps so you understand the entire process and are comfortable. I’ve navigated hundreds of real estate transactions so I can confidently say that I can answer all your questions. Additionally, I would never put a client in a home that I wouldn’t put my own child into so when we review homes, it’s my job to point out features and potential problems within a home as I see them. Finally, I will help you negotiate a fair deal to get an accepted offer.

Do I qualify?

Most people don’t realize that a monthly home mortgage could be much less expensive that a monthly rent payment. Why put your hard-earned money into someone else’s pocket when you could be investing into your future?

To find out if you qualify you’ll want to take a look at your finances, and particularly your credit score. Are there any blemishes on your report? You’ll want to take care of those before heading to the bank. Once your credit is in fair health, the next step is reviewing local banks for mortgage programs. There are options for first-time homebuyers that require little to no money down and other incentives.

Finally, you’re ready to reach out to a lender and start a mortgage application. A pre-approval letter isn’t required, but is highly recommended to have before looking at homes so that you know what listing price range you have to stay within.

For more information on lenders and programs within the area, contact me!

What’s next?

You’ve got your pre-approval letter in hand, you and I have filled out a buyer’s agent agreement and then it’s off to the races! Search for homes using my website or other apps like (updated more often than Zillow), or I can create a custom search for you so you get notified the minute a new home within your criteria hits the market.